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June 2015

Dear Dukie,

I'm sorry to say that this website is no longer operational. This site was established in 1996 with the purpose of maintaining a master list of Dukies on the Internet. For personal reasons I am unfortunately unable to continue to maintain the site.

I understand The Dukes Association (TDA) will be setting up a similar facility which will be available soon (see email on the right -->)

Many thanks for your support over the last 19 years.


Chad Stather


From: Jennifer Grant (doyrms)
Sent: 13 April 2015
To: www.dyrms.net
Subject: RE: www.dyrms.net website

Dear Dukie,

TDA are developing a new online portal for Dukies but this will not go 'live' until September 2015. To register on the TDA database to receive email or postal updates, and receive future copies of 'The Dukies News', please fill out the form on http://www.doyrms.com/the-dukies-association-registration-form.html

Alternatively, if you have anything you'd like to share with fellow Dukies, please send an email directly to Jenny on Jennifer.grant@doyrms.com and she will share it for you.

Please also follow the TDA Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/The.Dukies.Association

Warm regards,



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